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  1. Steal These Journaling Ideas at SxSW 2016

    I have always seen SXSW as my "creativity recharge" for the year and now I want to help others spark their own creativity by sharing my journaling ideas in a workshop "Steal These Journaling Ideas": Please vote for my journaling workshop at SxSW 2016 - even if you don't plan on attending: Steal These Journaling Ideas

  2. My Story

    Since a young age I was always good with computers. I spent many years of my adolescence tinkering on a personal computer: first TRS-80 s at school, and then an IBM PCjr at home. It was a logical progression from building cities with Lego blocks to building programs in BASIC on a computer. At the time, no one understood what I was doing, and I had a difficult time explaining it to my family. Education When I was in high school , I kept my interest in computers but also developed an interest in architecture and design. I attended the Career Discovery program at Harvard's Graduate School of Design...

  3. The Strangers Among Us

    Last year during the high holidays my congregation Gan Halev asked me to give a talk to the congregation during the Yom Kippur service.  Now I am hearing the reports about the flood of unaccompanied minors coming to the United States from Central America and I saw some connections between my talk and their situation so I decided to share the text of the talk: The Strangers Among Us Good Evening. My name is Michael Scherotter. I am a father and husband and my family has been a member of Gan Halev for six years. For work, I explain technology for Microsoft and in my job as a technical evangelist...

  4. Kinetic Typography Privacy Policy

    Kinetic Typography will not collect or share your personal information. Last updated 4/30/2014

  5. Finches Nesting at our House

    Recently a pair of finches has built a nest in a light fixture on our porch in Fairfax.  I hooked up a webcam and about 5 USB extension cables to a PC to get a live feed of the Finch nest.  Take a look at the video: Finch Nest When we see any new developments, we will post updates....

  6. Architecture: My New Windows Phone App

    I just published my first Windows Phone App, Architecture , which helps users find architectural projects from around the world and nearby.  It uses projects from the Urbarama site.  Please give it a try and submit your feedback.      ...

  7. Josh McIntosh Three at Café Sweetwater in Mill Valley

  8. Bruce Springsteen at Austin City Limits

    Bruce Springsteen at Austin City Limits Medium: Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Pen Media: Handmade 5”x7.5” Journal from Iona Handcrafted Books March 15, 2012 at Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas Copyright © Michael S. Scherotter 2012 See all of my journal pages and sketches from SXSW 2012 on Facebook...

  9. My Second Patent Awarded

    I just learned that I was awarded a patent for work that I did as part of a team at Mindjet creating “smart map parts”.  I look back very proudly at my four years at Mindjet in software development and business development, working with visionaries like Mike Jetter and Chris Holmes . The concrete result of my work on information visualization and using mind maps is two patents that I can stand behind.  If you are looking for a great patent attorney, I would highly recommend Tina Lessani who we worked with to define, refine, and file the patents: My Patent Portfolio...

  10. Palace Kitchen, Seattle, WA